Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling: Have It The Way You Want It

Getting The Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling You Want

Many of us spend yours or even decades dreaming about purchasing our first home. We have all these hopes and expectations. Unfortunate sometimes after spending time shopping for a new home or to purchase a previously owned one, we have to realize the homes on the market don’t match our dreams. That’s okay though, because you are not stuck with that home forever. This doesn’t mean you need to buy a new home, instead you need to find a company that does both kitchen and bathroom remodeling to suit your needs. This can be done with a little bit of planning and a lot of communication.

Sometimes you have to live in a home before you realize that it’s not quite what you thought it was. Over time you might find that your kitchen cabinets are not in the location you wish. Some days you might be making dinner and really wish that you had more cabinet space or counter space. Before working in that kitchen, you never knew it was in need of changes. Take some notes down about what you would like have changed in your kitchen before meeting with a remodeling company. The same can be said about other rooms in your home such as a bathroom.

Once you have a list of the changes you would like to have made for your kitchen and bathroom remodeling, start interviewing home remodeling companies. These changes can take some time to complete and you want them done to meet the ideas you discuss with that company. This might be after accepting some input from the kitchen and bathroom remodeling company based on their years of experience, which alter your plans slightly. Before the work begins, a plan and design should be agreed upon.

Master bath in new construction home with black tub area

When working with a kitchen and bathroom remodeling company, after the plans are set the next step is the schedule. Set milestones throughout the project to determine if the remodeling company is staying on schedule. This can help you anticipate if there will be delays during the project or any types of cost overruns during the construction. Monitoring progress at pre-determined milestones limits the number of surprises you will receive at the end.

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling is an experience that can be enjoyable. You will be able to observe the changes that are being made throughout the process. If something isn’t quite looking how you thought it would, provide immediate feedback to the kitchen and bathroom remodeling company you are using. It’s not unusual for changes to be made during a project, but determining what has to happen early on will avoid delays and extra expenses. Working with your kitchen and bathroom remodeling company in this way will also allow you to walk away feeling satisfied, knowing you were a part of the decisions that are made.

New Construction Fredericksburg VA

New Construction Fredericksburg VA | Things You Should Be On The Look At For

New Construction Fredericksburg VA | Things You Should Be On The Look At For

Home, Wired, Home

Wired. No not the old type of wire. You know the plug your vacuum in to clean, or the turn on the lights type of wire. All homes, of course, are wired for all those necessary needs. We also have wiring at a much higher voltage for out air conditioning. But we’ll leave that for another time.

Only 10 years ago, there were only small ideas of controlling your home’s security system, your thermostat, all of your home’s lights remotely via smartphone. Controlling things like your door locks from your cell phone would have seemed like a weird science fiction movie. But back in 2017, we had the year of the smart home! Smart homes have only grown and grown since.

If you are planning on building a new home you HAVE GOT TO consider wiring your whole home for internet use. Not just your computer, but also your doorbell, your lights, your thermostats, your smart tv, and even your refrigerator. Nowadays we also have cameras that depend on internet connectivity to be able to deliver all those videos that at some time or another you’ll need. You know the ones. Someone coming to your door in the middle of the night or someone to take that package UPS just delivered.

Having a home pre-wired means that every single room will have capabilities to stream movies like Spiderman, Titanic, etc. You’ll be able to control the temperature in your home as needed. Think of a home built in 1999. The owner of that home now wishes he had prewired for what then was only a dream.

Being part of this terrific, wonderful technical world is a pleasure. Unless it isn’t working as promised. Then it gets to be a headache. Have you ever wanted to download that great movie at home and then see the loading circle just go round and round? There is just not enough bandwidth to give you good service. Here’s how to get a leg up on these fantastic promises that a connected home can deliver. Make sure that the builder you’ll have to build your forever home is well versed in the needs that a homeowner in 2019 will have.

Dannex in Fredericksburg, Virginia can guide you in the decision-making process as you plan and prepare your home. We know how important good service is to your entertainment at home. Even more so when you have to work from home and you need to depend on being connected. We will make sure any connectivity difficulties will not be coming from your wiring. You’ll be able to answer your door, change the temperature in the kid’s room, start the meal while you’re miles away at work. Come visit us at our show home and we’ll give you more details on how this will make all the difference in the world when you choose Dannex.

Set up a time to talk with a Dannex contractor in Fredericksburg Va at (540) 408-0818 or send us a message here. We look forward to building your dream home, your forever home.


contractor in Fredericksburg Va

General Contractor In Fredericksburg Va | Building Your Dream Home

The Dannex team, a contractor in Fredericksburg Va have used technology to create ideas and ways for homeowners to improve their homes and turn any type of house into a dream home. With the rising cost of construction going up all the time, homeowners need to plan out their ideas and talk to a professional contractor who can put those ideas into action like a Dannex contractor in Fredericksburg Va.

Homeowners should talk to their family and friends about using a Dannex contractor in Fredericksburg Va, we have great reviews and many references. The worst thing to do is to pick a contractor from someone that is driving by and approaches you about things they spot wrong. They often try to talk you into a whole new roof when you may only need a small repair job. Get at least a couple of quotes from different contractors. Read reviews and choose one that you connect with, who seems to have your best interests in mind.

Try and make sure you have clear design ideas for your contractor in Fredericksburg Va. You want a new bathroom, a kitchen upgrade or an addition put on the house. You may want it all. To stay on budget, you will need to talk to the contractor about the cost of each project. You may have to adjust your plans to fit your budget but stay on budget the best you can.

The home is usually the largest investment that most people will encounter in their lives. They want to make sure they get a good buy and hopefully keep their home for many years. Building or buying your dream home is a major decision. When building your dream home, you will want to make sure that you hire the best professional contractor that your budget can afford. Starting off with the right contractor can help make those dreams come true.

Many people will buy a house with ideas of changing that house into their dream home. The house will need additions, upgrades, and modernization throughout the years. Homeowners should schedule the upgrades throughout the years so that when it becomes time to retire, your home has no more major expenses that are needed. The right contractor in Fredericksburg Va will be able to help you build to your needs and look for what might be needed in the future.

Repairs should be taken care of as soon as possible. If the winter weather is just around the corner, homeowners should be aware of the repairs needed in order to keep their home warm and safe. Any open spaces in the home should be sealed up so the cold air does not come into the home. It will help to save the homeowner from getting high energy bills. Windows should be replaced if needed or at least sealed for the winter months. Doorways can also let in cold air. Your contractor can take care of all the problems around the doors.

Have your contractor check out the roof. Singles can become messed up in the cold weather with ice forming under the shingles and the wind ripping the shingles off. Large rainfalls can create damage to your roof and allow for water to seep down through cracks into the insulation and walls of your home. This will not only create water damage but could potentially cause mold to form. Seeping water down the inside of walls could cause the foundation to have problems. These problems could lead to your foundation cracking and creating major problems for the structure of the home.

Set up a time to talk with a Dannex contractor in Fredericksburg Va at (540) 408-0818 or send us a message here. We look forward to building your dream home, your forever home.


It’s Time For Winter Construction Repairs In Fredericksburg Va


As a home or business owner, your property is of the utmost importance because any potential problems can pose additional dangers. For many in Fredericksburg, VA, this means ensuring that any repairs are done before the winter weather arrives and problems worsen.


Understanding the importance of repairs and exactly what is needed is important. Our team is dedicated to making sure you get the repairs you need before the winter hits so you can be the most comfortable in your home or office. Here are some of the things you should do to ensure winter repairs are done before the weather gets too cold.


Basic Repairs: Make Sure Any Open Spaces are Closed Up 

If your home or office has any spaces exposing your indoor to the elements from outside, you want to be sure that these are closed up and fixed as soon as possible. When you have any kind of open space, it lets in some of the elements from outside, including the colder weather.


This means you’re not only dealing with the need for repairs, but you’re also losing money on energy costs when your heating unit has to work harder to compensate for the cold air entering the home.


Roof and Shingles Need Repairs When the Weather Gets Bad

When your roof is messed up and needs repairs, it’s important to do so before the weather gets bad and threatens other parts of your home or office. For instance, if there is a big downfall of rain, it can cause even further damage to your roof, as well as seep through into insulation or the walls, resulting in water damage and potential mold.


Similarly, the shingles should be repaired so the drywall and insulation are not damaged. If water and other elements get through the shingles, it can cause the foundation to suffer some water damage as well, putting the structure at risk of potential problems.


Other Problems That May Occur that you should repair

All areas of your home or business should be checked to ensure there are no other problems. For instance, if you notice that the foundation is uneven or cracking, if you have issues in the basement or attic, or if you notice paint discoloration on the walls, these are all potential signs of problems that should be addressed as quickly as possible to protect from any further issues that you may experience.


When it comes to repairs of the home or business in preparation of the winter, you want to ensure that you have highly trained and experienced professionals helping you get to the bottom of the issue. If you try to fix the problems on your own, you run the risk of either not getting the issues properly resolved or causing even more trouble for yourself in the long run.


At the end of the day, you don’t want to wait until winter gets here to make repairs. By that point, it may be too late and you may experience a lot more damage than you want to endure.

construction tips

Construction Tips You Should Know 2019

Easy Tips For Your Next Home Construction Design

Here are some construction tips and facts you may not know. Did you know that home building construction has went up in the market 37.5 percent. There are many people interested in having their dream home built more than ever before. Plus, technology design has caused construction to see many new creative building ideas. Virtual design has contributed to helping the building industry soar. Many developers are stepping up to a competitive construction industry. Sustainability is very important in many home builder projects. People are using a building contractor to construct their design ideas more than ever before in an effort to create their dream home. A general contractor can help you meet your building project goals.


Valuable Construction Tips You Should Know

Look For The Best Deal

You want a builder that’s focused on helping you save time and money. You should always decide from the best of a few thoroughly researched builders. If you’re not sure about a contractor than you can ask other people for builder referrals.

Don’t Stray Away From Your Budget

The most valuable construction tips that you can receive is dedication to staying on budget. Room additions, add-on’s, and last minute ideas can take you far off your budget. Thoroughly, map out all of your ideas in the concept phase to determine any possibilities that will differ from your original design. Talk with your general contractor about the costs of your ideas in the drafting stage to stay remotely close to your budget.

Who Is Standing Out In The Building Design Industry

Building and design has came a long way in the past decade. However, Dannex Construction has set the industry standard for high quality home builder projects. They’re proud to say; they serve as leading competitors in building and design. They make sure you won’t have to shift your project among multiple contractors. You’ll received personalized attention from the initial concept phase to the construction with the help of their full service construction firm. Their team of experts focus on home remodeling, design, and improvements.

The Dannex Construction Group can help you with your particular home building ideas or work with their clients from scratch. Their dedicated designer will promote your ideas from paper to production. Dannex uses the latest technology that will let you see what your project looks like before the work begins. Their professionals will help you build a design that meets your vision for a new home or upgrade ideas.

best contractor

Best Contractor For The Job 2019

Get It Done The Right Way With Dannex Construction

Owning a home is the American Dream. Getting the best contractor for the job is important. Sometimes concessions are made in order to get into an affordable home with the “We’ll remodel it later” philosophy. When the time finally comes you will want to hire the Best Contractor for the job.

For home owners in and around Fredericksburg, VA you are lucky to have the Best Contractor available to you. Dannex Construction can handle any job – big or small.
They will build your dream home from scratch, add additional space or remodel a room in your current home. Dannex specializes in kitchens, bathrooms and basements but will always consider any job.

What makes them stand out as the Best Contractor?

In the area is their one stop shop. Dannex will handle everything from beginning to end. This includes blueprints, permits, and design to name a few. Dannex works closely with the homeowner so there are no headaches along the way.

Dannex prides itself by using only the highest quality materials and finishes. They do not use shortcuts or workarounds in their projects. They take pride in their attention to detail on all their projects from remodeling a closet to building an addition.

When people are looking to purchase a home they shop around for the perfect house for them. They rarely buy the first home they see. Comparison shopping to find the best deal for them is the norm.

This holds true for finding the perfect company for the construction job you’ve been waiting for. So when it is time to start their project you are not going to just pick the first contractor interviewed.

There are several factors to take into consideration when hiring a construction company. Of course price is probably number one on their list but there is more to hiring a contractor than just price.

When comparing estimates be sure to compare all the details and inclusions before making a decision. You’ll be impressed with Dannex Construction’s thorough project plan. Be sure to do your homework. You’ll be glad you did.

When all is said and done you will be recommending Dannex Construction to all your friends and family. And don’t just tell them about the project, invite them over to see the finished product. And make sure you watch them closely so you can see their jaw drop at the transformation.

professional contractor

Let A Professional Contractor Handle It 2019

Dannex Construction A Professional Contractor

Professional Contractor for hire

Being A Class A General Contractor, Dannex Construction is known for quality work within the Fredericskburg, VA and Northern Virginia surrounding areas. Professional Contractor areas of specialty include:

  • New home construction
  • Home additions
  • Home remodeling
  • Bathroom remodeling
  • Basement remodeling
  • Kitchen remodeling
  • Design activity

Dannex Construction experts

will design a kitchen layout for prospective customers/kitchen remodeling. The customer may participate in design options with the designer, imprint their preferences, and acquire a service quote. This option is not available with other services.

Only quality vendors are used for material and goods. A few include: The Home Depot, Moen, Lowes, Danze, CertainTeed, Armstrong, Home Decorators Collection, Merillat, Trex, Kraft Maid Cabinetry, Reico Kitchen & Bath, Aristokraft Cabinetry, Delta, and Mosaic vendors.

Clients may go to the Dannex Construction website  which carry useful information for home needs. One blog, Build Now Retire Later, points to value from building a new home prior to retirement. Owners may capture rental income, either in full or time-share capacity during vacation seasons. Beating the clock at retirement is key. The time spent on actual building activity will not encroach into retirement. As a Professional Contractor, Dannex Construction handles all permits, utilities, and environmental guidelines during the built home process. And, prior to retirement.

Dannex are experts in remodeling, With the average person spending 2 1/2 years in the kitchen over their lifetime, and 1 1/2 years in the bathroom, there is a high need for quality remodeling efforts for both rooms. The free layout design comes with the kitchen. But, Dannex offers state-of-the-art bathroom facilities as well: Barn door, Smart toilet, free-standing bathtubs, underfloor heating, and Smart mirrors make a beautiful bathroom.

Dannex Construction created the Zero Punch Program. No punch list. No repairmen interaction. Projects completed on time and fully finished. As a contractor for hire, Dannex provides a one-year written warranty for all work.

“Dannex recently completed a 950 sq. ft addition (and a basement) for my house. They were receptive in all of our feedback and made sure that we were happy throughout the process. I love our new addition!”
Megan R.

Prospective customers may contact Dannex Construction via phone, email, or at office locations. Email:; Phone 540-288-4408; Address: 600 Interstate Business Park, STE B Fredericksburg, VA 22405.


Find a quality new home builder for your new forever home!

Why Is Building A New Forever Home Popular

Many people are choosing to have their home built over buying a home in Fredericksburg area. In fact, design ideas are at an all time high. Technology has given the construction industry and the prospective home owner ways to see their home design ideas before they’re built. Plus, many homes that are already built are not built with the efficiency that’s associated with newer model homes. You can have direct input into how your home is designed and created. Companies like Dannex Construction are willing to work with all of your ideas so that they can help map out your goals.

Popular Local Area Construction Company

A home builder like Dannex Construction has years of expertise building new homes. They’re committed to giving their clients better choices to improve the home building process. Each customer is served with pride and respect. In fact, they have the tools to revitalize your home and give you a new found love for the Fredericksburg’s area. They know how to make your home more appealing and valuable. Dannex construction understands that a revitalized or new home can improve the value of Fredericksburg’s neighborhood and residences too.

Dannex Construction is an A class home building company that’s based in the Fredericksburg area. Their team has a remarkable number of completed home builder projects. Their team of professionals are experts in their field. Plus, they provide excellent quality work that’s always done on time. They give their clients the ability to give specific input towards their building project which means their home will be built to their complete specifications. Their work includes simple storage shed projects to a start-to-finish home improvement job. They’ll tackle your building job no matter how big or small. They also direct their clients in the planning process with their ideas in building their new home.

Many new homes are moving towards the smart home technology. Dannex helps you come up with a solid plan before the nails and screws or bricks and mortar ever get started. Building your first forever home is exciting yet challenging. Dannex Construction are the professionals for the job. Your residential and commercial design ideas are carried out by our professionals. A home building project depends on the work of a knowledgeable professional. Your building project should always be put in the hands of an expert. Each step of your building project is brought to life with precision, quality, and safety with Dannex Construction.

A How-To Guide: Designing a Warm Yet Modern Kitchen

This how-to guide will help you look for what shapes and finishes to choose that can create a warm, comfortable, and an inviting space that is, at the same time, modern and contemporary.

There are many people that are drawn to crisp clean lines, cool color palettes, and minimalist shapes that define a modern kitchen decor style. But, at the same time, many of us want to have a cozy space that is more inviting than it is modern. We want a space where people want to come and gather. So how can you find that balance of warm, comfy vibes and crisp clean lines? We have put together a guide to help you navigate designing a warm and inviting, yet modern kitchen.

A Modern Kitchen: Find Contemporary Shapes

When you initially think of a contemporary kitchen, you may think of clean lines and not a lot of overly decorative pieces. The color schemes can vary a lot but the classic choices tend to include white, cream, tan, beige, gray and black, and sometimes a mix of these colors. Color palettes usually lead to more monochromatic designs, while patterns, you’ll find, tend to be very minimal and in many cases, uniform.

The secret to achieving a warm, contemporary modern kitchen is to build a foundation of shapes that embody contemporary style. After you have a solid foundation, you can start to add features, using different colors and material that will help you bring that warmth to the kitchen. You will want to pay a lot of attention to balance, using a combination of finishes and textures. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t achieve the right look on the first few tries. Designing a room takes work and a lot of trial and error. Fully expect to buy many pieces, trying them, and then returning them. It is only through this process that you will pick up the “knack” for finding pieces that work for your space and style.

To start, we have listed the basic shapes and elements that you’ll want to look for while creating your warm modern kitchen.


The quickest and most effective way to create a contemporary kitchen is to install contemporary cabinetry. Slab doors equal contemporary. Slab doors or drawers are flat, are only one piece and do not have trim or decorative frill. The slab usually is laid over the cabinet, but it can also be set into the cabinet frame during construction. Many finishes and colors can work here. You can opt for a glossy white finish or a flat and matte look. Also, many laminates like wood will work here as well. You can have fun working with something that inspires you while still working with a design structure that is aimed toward warm and modern.

Cabinet Handles

A contemporary kitchen usually lacks knobs and handles altogether. With modern design options that allow one to use press-touch technology or other no-handle options allow for a minimalistic, clean look. For a more decorative look, you can keep it modern with a stainless steel, matte black, chrome, or in some cases, white handles Another way to use pulls and handles and keep it very modern is to install horizontal pieces. This will add uniformity that will lend to your contemporary look.


A great way to achieve a warm yet contemporary style is to incorporate a countertop on your island that flows over the edge, those in the industry call this a waterfall edge.


When it comes to your kitchen flooring, using cool tones in concrete or materials that look like concrete is a great contemporary option. You will have many options that will fit this style and look. You’ll just want to stay away from anything that is going to cause a rustic look, like wood grains or something busy like Spanish tiles that are heavily patterned. Also, using hardwood, porcelain or concrete oversized tiles is a great option for a clean, modern look and feel.

Backsplash & Countertops

What you will usually will find in contemporary kitchens is that the countertops and backsplash are made of the same material. Most often this will be a man made material that does not have a lot of pattern to it with a shiny or matte finish. You can choose a backsplash that doesn’t match the countertop by using something with clean lines like glass tiles.

Fixtures & Appliances

Keep items like range hoods, faucets, and appliances sleek with minimal lines in stainless steel or a matte black.

Next, Warm Up That Contemporary Look!

Once you have planned the basic shapes for your contemporary style kitchen, you can start to warm it up by introducing wood, soft colors, and/or texture. As long as you are starting with crisp, uniform lines, adding in these not so contemporary style options, you will start to see a more inviting, yet modern design take hold.

If you add wood for an organic warm look, this can be done by using it in your cabinets or flooring or both! Just steer clear from wood that looks rustic like a pine. A designer favorite is something like rift-cut wood or a quarter-sawn oak. Using such wood allows you to achieve a very organic-looking warm style that practically glows, yet the shapes still provide that classic contemporary feel. The wood simply warms up the room.

When trying to achieve warmth through color consider something in the range of oranges, reds, and golds, something that has warm undertones. These colors can be deployed through a backsplash, a painted wall, and a few accent pieces on a countertop etc. Another color route to go in can be cool blues or warm-toned greys (so warm that it’s closer to a brown on the color wheel).

Another great way to warm up a contemporary kitchen is to add texture and/or depth wherever you can. This is a bit more of an advanced design strategy but a really great one. It can be the difference between looking like an average cool-toned coffee house versus a warm, inviting home.

Updating Your Bathroom: Where & How You Should Start

Are you daydreaming about updating your bathroom again? When you are finally ready to make the commitment and update your bathroom, it can be a pretty intimidating project to undertake. Below we have created a planning guide to get you through the first hurdles of creating a budget for planning the work. Use the following information and timeline to help make sure that once you start updating your bathroom, that you stay on track and ensure success.

Creating a Budget for Updating Your Bathroom
To start, think about what exactly you’d like to change about your bathroom. What would you like to fully update, replace, add, and fix in your current bathroom? Once you have a good list of what you’d like to include in your bathroom renovation, use our guide below to start a budget. We have laid out the approximate costs for updating each section of your bathroom to give you an idea of how much your project will cost. This will give you a starting budget that you can tweak as you get more specific information.

A Small Bathroom Refresh Project ($200-$5,000)
Updating your bathroom with a  small bathroom refresh project can include projects such as:

  • Painting the walls and trim
  • Updating the vanity
  • Replacing your sink and countertops
  • Refinishing your bathtub
  • Installing new light fixtures
  • Installing new window treatments
  • Installing new hardware and fixtures

A Small Bathroom Remodel ($5,000 – $15,000)
In this case, a small bathroom remodeling project can include projects such as:

  • Replace your current faucets, sinks, shower, and toilet
  • Replace your bathtub and/or shower or whirlpool
  • Move fixtures to other areas of the bathroom
  • Add new supply lines, drain pipes, electrical
  • Replace or add to your cabinetry and/or vanity
  • Add dividing walls
  • Replace your flooring

A Major Bathroom Remodel ($15,000+)
A major bathroom remodeling project can include projects such as:

  • New bathroom cabinetry and fixture layout
  • Add or remove doorways to create a whole to space
  • Moving and/or expand your bath
  • Replacing and/or moving plumbing and electrical
  • Upgrading all surfaces, finishes
  • Add a skylight and/or new windows

Create a Plan with a Timeline

The next step in pursuing your dream of having a new bathroom is to create a plan for the work to be done. A plan with a timeline will help you stay on track if you are completing the job by yourself or it will help you communicate (successfully), your plan to your contractor.

A Timeline for Updating Your Bathroom

Step 1 Research & Planning (6 Months prior to starting.)

Take this time (about 6 months out) before starting the project to figure out if there are building regulations that you need to follow and if there are any permits that you need to apply for. You can also use this time to find a contractor to help, they can often help you with regulations and permits.

Step 2 Floor Plan & Buy List (4 Months prior to starting.)

At 4 months out you can start to draw floor plans and hire your contractor. Have your floor plan handy during the project and while shopping for parts, etc. This is also a good time to make a list of all the things that you need to buy for this project. Your list may include things like tools, fixtures, and other equipment.

Step 3 Purchase Materials Needed (3 Months prior to starting.)

Make your final decisions about materials, tools, and products, and then purchase.

Step 4 Store Materials & Audit (1 Months prior to starting.)

Find a private and secure place to store your materials, tools, fixtures, products, and equipment. Create an audit of what you purchased and stored. Start to arrange for a dumpster if it will be needed. Keep a to-do list on you so that you are always on track and know what’s next.

Step 5 Final Arrangements (1 week prior to starting.)

Make sure you take “before” pictures of your entire bathroom. One thing about updating your bathroom that people most often forget and regret is not taking before and after photos. Then clean up and empty your bathroom of everything. Make arrangements for where to store all of your things, pets, and power tools. You will also want to arrange for a place for washing tools and other items. Make sure you have ample room for your contractors and their equipment as well. Inform your neighbors of your remodeling plan and make sure they have your contact information in case of issues. Make sure to hang about protective coverings to your other floors, rooms, air vents, etc.

Step 5 Start Work  

Make sure to take pictures each time you complete something.

Step 6 Finished Work  

Go through all of your work and make sure that it meets code and has passed inspection according to local regulations. Then make sure the area has been thoroughly cleaned, including your air vents. Gather and store warranties for any purchased materials and products. Make sure all of your related bills have been taken care of and keep copies of everything. Then take “after” pictures and enjoy your new bathroom!