Room Additions by Dannex

Knowing when and why to add home additions is a must when making your house your dream home. When you are adding space on your home for additional living space the question inevitably is whether you want to build up and add an additional level to your home, or build out and into your yard. There is no one universal answer to this question. Some homes are designed more naturally to build up while others are designed to build out. Take into consideration the following factors when deciding what is best for your home. 

Room in Your Yard to Expand outward 

One of the first considerations that you should have when planning out a home expansion is the size of the space that you have to work with. Some yards are small and confined and do not have much room to expand into. In these situations, it only makes sense to expand upwards, unless you are barred by town zoning laws that prohibit the space that you are looking to expand into. 

As part of the consideration of your available space, consider how you use the outdoor space that you are considering moving into and if it will dent your enjoyment of the space. For example, if you are pushing into your backyard patio space then you may need to sacrifice your ability to barbecue or hold outdoor parties in the future. The loss of backyard space and the impact on the home value should be a consideration when you are planning any home addition expansions into your yard. If you don’t have the space for outward home additions, then your home addition ideas will need to be upward. 

Room Additions by Dannex

Flow of the Home With Home Additions

The flow of your home is important when you are considering how you are going to expand it. Some homes have flows that would lend themselves towards expansion outwards while others inward. No two homes are exactly the same and careful consideration of the desired flow of the home is important when making a decision on home additions. 

Type of Expansion You Are Seeking 

The type of home expansion that you are considering is important when making an expansion and you will need to decide which home addition ideas appeal to your needs. For example, if you are looking to add another bedroom to the home and all of the bedrooms are currently located upstairs, then it may be more logical to expand upwards to add some additional bedroom space near the others. If you need more living room space then consider expanding outward on your base floors. If you are considering adding space for bathrooms, then see if an simple renovation will do the trick. Finally, consider if you need to move outwards and upwards in your expansion, particularly if the flow of your home would be compromised by doing one and not the other. 

Cost Difference 

Cost always plays a factor in any home renovation or addition. Consider the cost of both outwards and upwards expansion and work with your Fredericksburg Contractor to get quotes regarding which option is cheaper. Again, while upwards expansions are commonly more expensive, this is not always true and a good quote will help to identify the best option for your needs and budget by discussing with Dannex, your Fredericksburg Contractor.